Structural aspects

Some of the structural problems could also go in the ‘unit’ category, like bureaucracy of the wards, lack of privacy due to the way the rooms are arranged, lack of access to doctors – and even worse, never seeing the same doctor twice in a row. Comprehensive and continuous treatment is an alien concept in Danish health care, leading to piss poor treatment, if any treatment at all. The times I have complained about these things I am met with surprise since in their own eyes they are working from a patient empowerment perspective.

Now, I did find out that people from my ward are meeting with the Danish Kidney Foundation all but twice a year for a whole 2 hours to discuss patient empowerment. The sad thing is that they have no intention of operating directly with their patients. I have a strong feeling that is because they would hate to have to do anything serious about it then. That is probably also why I have never been told about this arrangement but had to find it deep within the recesses of the mighty Internet after a 10 hr. research session for another project (that I might blog about at some point if it comes through for me)

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