Why We Started This Blog

Because saying how sick you are over and over again is draining and traumatizing, no matter how much you love the person on the other end of the phone, or in the grocery store, or at your mutual friend’s party… you get the idea.

When someone you care about is sick, you worry. You want information. You want contact. You want to know what is happening. Most of all, you just want to know that he or she is ok, at the moment. You ALSO want the person you care about to be a good correspondent.

When YOU are sick, dealing with the dramas of doctor appointments, tests, treatments, and generally feeling sick and tired, takes up all your energy. You just CAN’T be a good correspondent.

That is what this blog is all about. I hope it will be a space where Henning’s friends can come and get updates about his health, where he is with treatment, and basically have some reassurance- while at the same time freeing Henning from having to say the same things over and over again. Especially when they are not always good things.

Nothing takes the place of personal contact. But after a very bad treatment day, followed by many calls and texts from worried friends, that were largely ignored because neither of us had it in us to respond to each person, I said, “Enough is enough.” So if this works, great. If not, well… we’ll try something else.

Please feel free to leave specific questions or concerns on the blog posts.

7 thoughts on “Why We Started This Blog

  1. This is a great idea M. As much as this is about information flow from you to us, it works both ways. May you and H gather streangth and support from the many comments and messages the blog will no doubt receive.

  2. I am so glad that now you have the blog so that you don’t have to deal with the emotional exhaustion of 40 phone calls a day… or all the stops in the grocery store. I know how wearing it is to have to tell this story over and over again and am happy that you have this venue to minimize the wear and tear that… telling the story, answering the questions over and over again, and visiting all those myriad emotions every single time… brings.

    I hope that people avail themselves of this blog and information and give you space and time to heal and just BE.

  3. I am so happy to see your blog has begun to help people with kidney disease. Every case is different, but we can learn so much from others, and it is great to have a community to talk things out, ask questions and just have someone who completely understands what we are going through. Henning is so fortunate to have such a wonderful caretaker as yourself and I am looking forward to hearing from both of you.

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