First, thanks BEYOND measure to those friends and family who have stuck with us this crazy week (… and longer, but who’s counting?). Your support means everything, and without it we would not be doing as well as we are.

Second, HENNING STARTED DIALYSIS!!! It was a rough and traumatic ride, but he is doing better and we hope to see continued improvement.

Third, details on Henning’s medical stuff and how we are dealing with the system are forthcoming, for those of you following, but I didn’t want this to be the world’s longest blog post… LOL If you know someone who is NOT following, and feel like they should be, feel free to point them in this direction. We have had too many bad experiences with people feeling like they are out of the loop, and that is the reason we started this blog, after all.

Fourth (and final?), HUGE thanks to everyone who helped us celebrate our wedding last week, both in person, and virtually!!! In spite of everything, we still managed to get married, and we had a lovely celebration both on the day, and then later in the week. I said this in the beginning, but I can’t say it enough: knowing we have your love and support means the world to us!!!

1 thought on “Finally!!!!

  1. A belated Happy Anniversary to you both! I am so happy that Henning is feeling better since beginning dialysis. Happily also knowing that he will continue to feel better as all those toxins from every cell in his body is being cleaned since the kidneys can no longer do it. Dialysis is not pleasant for everybody no matter what mode they choose, but it is the only thing available to sustain life. I have found a gift in my kidney failure and have been led to advocate for dialysis and transplant patients everywhere. I also sell a product that fell into my lap, called THE NONO SLEEVE and have a blog on WordPress. You may be interested in checking this wonderful product out. It protects a fistula from having BP cuffs and IV’s being started in the compromised arm. It’s the best thing on the market and since we have to protect our lifelines so meticulously, because that arm and fistula is indeed our LifeLine.

    Have a blessed day and I will be following you to keep up with Henning’s progress and yours as well, as his caretaker. Keep the faith and then keep a positive attitude.

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