Thanks for reading!

Thanks for stopping in. The first few posts are going to be about where things are right now. Henning has his own blog that he is tweaking, so this may be short lived. But for now, I figured it was more important to get information out there, even if the site isn’t perfect.

If you have a specific question, you can leave it in the replies, or you can email us. Since we have discovered most people have a lot of the same questions, I do suggest you reply in comments, and we can respond once. That is kind of the purpose of this thing, after all. However, if you have sensitive questions, or really private things (I can’t imagine anything like that right now) or if you are just that shy (and I really can’t imagine that either, from those of you I know personally) I will do my best to see those questions or concerns are taken care of in a timely manner. I make no promises, nor will I define “timely”. 😛

If you are curious about kidney disease, kidney function, dialysis, or just having a really boring couple of days and have several hours to kill, I recommend this site:

The guy is a lifer, so he’s on the level without being too dramatic. His posts link to other blogs and sites and he is a wealth of information. Most of what I (we?) know came from either his site, or someplace linked from his site. He also answers emails in a (relatively) timely manner, which I truly appreciate, but doubt I can emulate.

In any case, thanks for reading, and keep in touch!

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