Dialysis, Take Two…

So… now FRIDAY is the big day, since Wednesday was a bust. We arrived, and again were made to stand there waiting. When we got to the room, the blood vials they were planning to use for Henning fell to the floor when the nurse moved the table. She was going to use them anyway… so at that point, things got serious.

Henning had a very nice conversation with the doctor and the nurses. Once he felt confident things were going to proceed differently than on Wednesday, the fun began again.

However, even after three very experienced (and CLEAN) nurses tried four times, no dice. His fistula probably needs more time to mature. So no dialysis… again.

But even so, today’s experience as a whole, while just as unfruitful, was definitely better than Wednesday’s.

What comes next? Good question, and one we don’t have the answers to yet. Henning has another appointment on Monday morning, and we will hopefully know at that point where to go from here.

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